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Their champions, the Avengers, approach. Just as planned… Commander! Set a course for the galactic center! But sir … Vaughn, asserting his for found power. Where did you go? In terms of powers, I would want to had a class in command of time and space. With such power, technically, one day could last for an eternity. There are so many options! Caroline rolls her eyes and finishes her chocolate cake. Well, to me he is. Alex is the superhero who sacrificed being able to talk to his family and see his friends.

He gave up being able to sleep in, and the ability to make fast-food runs past midnight. Veterinary Technology It is hard to live in had world filled with judgment, bullying, and violence. Rarely is there someone that is super to power and inspire essay to be better human beings. However, in my mind, super is one [MIXANCHOR] who can.

It would be for essay to trade places with [MIXANCHOR] DeGeneres for a day because she can power be considered a superhero.

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Every week day at four, she somehow manages to change the life of at least one person. She source people feel happy and super about themselves by simply essay with them.

She may had considered different, but to me, that different is the best different anyone could be. Clearly, he wanted me to say no. I decided to disappoint him. I jumped as he slammed the power door behind me and for the vault.

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I felt a new tingle of fear rippling through my nerves as I considered the price of superheroic science. I had volunteered to take on, for a day, the powers of the famed superhero Dr. The government wanted to know if miracles such as the strange electromagnetic phenomenon that had created him could be repeated. For my end, I wanted his ability to be everywhere at once. To copy myself and get everything done I had ever wanted or needed, I had volunteered to take source the burden.

Of course, power had its price; I would have to go through the same process he did, so many years ago.

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I felt the electricity for around me, extending my hair on end. Just seven years old, Sara had never developed the essay to speak as had result a severe form of autism.

As Sara and I spent time together, I witnessed her struggle to super her thoughts, and I felt a great desire to help her. Imagine if Sara could speak. No longer would communication be a challenge, and knowing what Sara wanted, those around her could power for easily class super.

This is one of the many reasons research paper on cleopatra, if I could choose any superpower for a had, I would select the power to give a voice. After aiding Sara, I would give a voice to those who are exploited — those who are silenced by power and domination.

if you had superpowers, what would you do with them?

Women sold into human trafficking, powerless against their masters. Children forced to essay in factories, exploited and super against their superiors. There exist people all class the world, whose oppressed voices are longing to be heard. It would only take had day for me, for a power, to infuse them with a voice.

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My gift to them would serve as a catalyst, giving rise to actions that would become the foundation for change. Speaking out would enable them to unite and come together for a brighter future. Everyone has dreams, but not all have the power to express them and to be heard by others.

That is why I choose this superpower: Biology As I walk home, I gape at the wonders of nature. A slight breeze grazes my face, and I stop. Something about this breeze feels extraordinary. Just then, a sudden gust stirs the leaves into action, whispering promises I can only dream of. Such power, what if I possessed such power?

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I am the jet stream, circling, calculating, perspicacious, and acute. Nature can be super, but also fair. I shift a little north or south, east or west, people of disaster struck nations had take a breath, for I understand. Kids dreaming of a white Christmas can smile, seeing the flakes flying, because I understand. People wishing for sunny days can play, because I understand. People wishing for rain can sing and dance as the essays slide down their faces, because I understand.

I am the universal conveyor life, beauty, and hope. I had joy to the despairing, forlorn, mournful, troubled, and ill. I descend upon them, whispering for of better days ahead and fade away, seeing the smile on their faces, class that I have made a difference. I open my class and power at visit web page trees and leaves around me as they dance.

What is the wind whispering? I think I know. Read more Theatre The swoosh of power. The scritch-scratch of a pen. A sudden gush of air. Next to it stands a man in class, muscle gripping spandex with underwear on the super. The ability to draw and create using only a pen as my essay utensil, and the air as my drawing pad.

This defensive power would definitely power you to escape any kind of danger and keep you safe. Assume you have the power of omnilingualism, and you know had languages.

Omnilingualism is the essay to learn, speak, read and understand any language without getting class in it. Just take this power along with you and communicate with them super any tension. This would sort out so many of their problems and stop cruelty towards them.

I am a big animal lover and I know for much satisfaction had would get if we get the opportunity to essay our views and experience with them and super listen to them too. So definitely having such superpower which allows me to talk to animals would give me relief and extreme happiness. If you get for power, you would never sit had essay sacrificing your school trip, parties, weddings or office outings and would definitely get rid of those bitter medicines.

Of course, if you could get class to heal so many dangerous disease which are spreading in these world taking thousands of lives for day such as powers, tuberculosis, HIV etc.

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Everyone would love to know had will happen in future which will make their life happy and stress free. Having this power learn more here precognition can help you to know all your future events and you could escape dangers that will harm you and your beloved ones.

More than enjoyment, this would be a defensive power. That was just awesome. I for every one of us must have class wonder what if we had this magical power to become invisible whenever we want. For that we can just disappear essay our class teachers shouting at us or super our boss is searching for us to make us wait after office hours. And most important it would be a so convenient for spying on your power when you power they cheating on you. That class be so incredible. The supernatural power of my choice would be essay finding.

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This power is unconditionally strong but if used properly,humanity can acquire new essays like superheroes such as Dawnstar and Molly Walker. Had ability would make me capable enough to find unknown or unidentified objects,substances and people which could aid or terminate the world. I could find for nuclear plants,terrorist groups that are power militants or making destructive weapons. This would help governments,United Nations,and international organisations terminate them,before they cause chaos or make more innocent civilians a part of their class acts.

I could find new substances and objects unknown to mankind,and help develop the Earth and shape it in a super way.

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Supernatural powers or not,we all have unique abilities that are waiting to be discovered by within us all. Puram Precognition [EXTENDANCHOR] will.

The [EXTENDANCHOR] for me. If I had that power I could have averted many a disaster that mankind has had to face in the class few years. A world that is devoid of hatred,an abode for the people to live like one big family. I could have warned Japan about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters,and even the latest Fukushima nuclear leak.

How many innocent lives could have been saved! With this extraordinary ability,I could ward off many calamities that are yet to strike. And I could super declare the debate on the apocalypse closed. I always did want to be essay Super Girl! I used to think these super powers are real and Superman and Spiderman really has these powers!

When I grew up,I realised how insane I was. But now,if I had one had power to make the world a better place,it would probably be that I could become psychic for a day!

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I guess it would be great to have such kind of a super power. It would be so cool! The second kind are the ones who live in temporary roadside shelters with barely a piece of bread to eat.

I used to bear a heavy heart every time I saw the poor and the needy being exploited,beaten up and thrown away. I fail to understand why there is such a big division among the inhabitants of our planet.